Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yell At The Window Washer Day!

“And another thing, Jeff!” you’re shouting into the mirror, pretending to yell at your supervisor, when the window washer lowers his rig down in front of your window. “You think you know how to run this department because you’ve increased gross revenue by 12%, but I could increase gross revenue by 12% in my sleep!”

The window washer knocks on the window and you’re embarrassed to have been seen having a fantasy argument. You lower your head in shame.

The window washer knocks again, and he uses his finger to write in the grime on your window, “$20. Yell at me. 10 mins.”

He’s offering to let you yell at him for $20 every time you want to have a fantasy argument. Instead of yelling at your mirror, you can yell at a real person just on the other side of a pane of glass, and you’ll have the beautiful skyline over his shoulder to delight your periphery while you do it.

You write on your palm, “Deal!”

So every time you need to have a fantasy argument with someone, you just have to tape a $20 bill to the outside of your window. When the window washer spots the $20, he’ll pause in his rounds and wait for you to start yelling at him. This goes on for a few months, until the window washer says he can tell you’re really angry at your supervisor, and if you give him an extra $20, he’ll murder him for you.

You agree and give him the extra twenty. The window washer botches the murder and you both die in prison.

Happy Yell At The Window Washer Day!