Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mountain Climbing Day!

You and your buddies are going to be mountain climbing when an old hermit spots you and scurries away into a cave. You’ll chase after him because you want to get an Instagram with him. The old man will run deeper into the cave, making turn after turn in the seemingly endless tunnels, until finally you find him standing in front of you, waiting.

“We just want to get an Instagram with a real live hermit,” you tell him.

He doesn’t respond. He just stands there as one by one you and your buddies take Instagrams with him, each of you adopting a different pose. The devil horns, the arm around the shoulder with the other hand pointing at the old hermit as if to say, “get a load of this guy,” the goofy face, the self-serious portrait.

You’ll take about 76 Instagrams before you and your buddies start arguing about which filter to use next. When you look up from your phones, the old hermit will be gone.

Unable to find your way out, you and your buddies will live in those caves for the rest of your lives, constantly searching for an exit, or at least a part of the cave where you can get a good enough signal to finally upload your Instagrams. If your followers could at least see the pics, you would feel like it was worth it.

Happy Mountain Climbing Day!