Sunday, August 18, 2013

Join A Neighborhood Committee Day!

Tell them you could be in charge of growing disillusionment.

“I’d like to be the secretary of Is This All There Is.”

The president of the neighborhood committee will say that’s great because the last guy killed himself 20 minutes into the job.

They’ll announce you at the meeting then proceed to discuss getting the street light bulbs changed and how to keep undesirables from using the playground. Interrupt the meeting to tell everyone there should be more to your lives than this. Tell them you’re all just building fences and planting flags like that’s going to keep you all from dying.

“We should all run home and hug our children!” shout.

Everyone will run out of the meeting room. The president of the committee will slap you on the back.

“You’re doing a hell of a job,” he’ll say, a tear in his eye. Then he’ll go back to caressing a photo of his wife and sons.

Happy Join A Neighborhood Committee Day!