Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cooking At Home Day!

You and your husband have been ordering in dinner way too much. A little while ago you suggested, “Why don’t we cook tonight?”

“That’s a great idea,” your husband said.

You searched online for a great recipe that called for you to use utensils that you presently own and recognizable ingredients that you’re pretty sure your grocery store sells.

“This is gonna be fun!” you said to your husband.

“Let’s get shopping. I can’t wait to eat this dish,” your husband said.

You’re headed to the grocery store right now, where a cashier’s angry ex-boyfriend showed up a few minutes ago with a shotgun. He’s already killed the store manager and he’s wounded his ex. When the two of you walk in, he’ll shoot your husband dead. You’ll hold your husband’s head in your hands as he dies. He’ll be tackled before he can shoot you too, but you’ll spend the next few years wishing he had pulled the trigger. You’re a block away from the store right now. There’s still time for you to turn around, go back to your couch and order in. There’s still time for you to realize you never should have tried cooking at home.

Happy Cooking At Home Day!