Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hotelier Day!

You’re a wealthy hotelier whose wife took your kids and is moving them from hotel to hotel, staying in a Penthouse suite for weeks at a time before flying to a new city to stay in the Penthouse suite of another of your 4-star luxury accommodations.

“If anyone sees my wife and kids,” you wrote on the flyer you posted in the employee break rooms of all of your hotels, featuring photos of your wife and children, “let me know immediately and you will see a $200 bonus in your next paycheck.”

Your staffs despise you, and harboring your wife and children while they run from you has given them endless joy. They bring them vast buffets of room service, morning, noon and night. The more educated of your staff have been tutoring your children, so that they aren’t behind in school when they finally stop running from you. They’ve even been feeding you false information, sending you flying from Milan to Paris with a fake tip that your wife and kids had just checked in.

“Sorry sir,” you’re told when you arrive. “They must have just sneaked out.”

This is how you’re going to divest yourself of your empire. You’re going to start selling off your hotels, one by one, to limit the number of places she can hide. Until finally, when you’re left with nothing but a vast sum of liquid cash, she’ll come out of hiding and file for divorce, taking half of everything.

But for now, you’re drawing up a new flyer, where you up the employee bonus to $225.

$225. That’s the price you put on reuniting with your family.

Everyone knows you originally planned to offer $300, but decided to lowball.

Happy Hotelier Day!