Friday, August 16, 2013

Two Bros, Out On The Town Day!

The two of ya’s. Out on the town! Celebrating being bros. Downing some brewskies! Checking out the babes! Hours and hours and mayhem, debauchery, slurred words, idle threats, and the occasional crying jag between old bros. At the end, you both decide the perfect nightcap would be to visit your daddies’ graves.

“Let’s go visit my daddy’s grave!” you tell your bro.

Your bro balks.

“If we’re visiting any daddy’s grave, it’s gonna be mine.”

You fight it out a little, bloodying each other’s noses, then you come to an agreement.

“Since we can’t agree on whose dad’s grave we’ll visit, how about to make it fair, I visit my dad’s grave and you visit your dad’s grave.”

You shake on it, down the bottle your sharing, then you head off, you via bus, your bro via train.

Thirty minutes later you arrive at your dad’s grave, but there’s a man there already. As you get closer, you realize it’s your bro.

“What are you doing at my daddy’s grave?” you ask.

“What are you doing at my daddy’s grave?” he asks you back.

After some piecing together you realize your dad had two families.

“Not only are we bros, but we’re bros!”

You punch it in, then you go back out on the town to celebrate being bros for real this time. Your dad watches from hell, feeling a weight fall off his shoulders. He’s glad the secret is finally out.

Happy Two Bros, Out On The Town Day!