Friday, April 30, 2004

Road Trip Day!

Your sister's wedding's tomorrow and she don't wanna go through with it. You've been living back at your parents' house long enough to wanna put a bullet through your thirty-one year old head. Get your mom's keys, get your sister in the car, and start driving west. Your parents are gonna be pissed that you stole their car, but that will be quickly overshadowed by the 200 people showing up tomorrow afternoon for a wedding that ain't gonna happen. In the end, the groom's gonna track you down and your sister's gonna change her mind and they'll have a small private ceremony out in the middle of nowhere. You won't be surprised. She's been with the guy for eight years already. They're perfect together and you knew your sister was making a big mistake when she got in the car. But you'll be sad because the road trip will have been way fun and your sister getting married only means you're gonna have to go back to being thirty-one and living at your parents' house.

Happy Road Trip Day!