Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Bicycle Game Day!

At the intersection of 23rd and Seventh, he rides up beside her and says, "I bet I could beat you in a race."

She smiles. "To the river."

They storm side-by-side through 23rd Street five o'clock traffic, heading east. At a red light, he nearly collides with the rear end of a cab. At a green light, she cuts off an ambulance with flashing lights. They're getting closer and the traffic's getting thinner. More playgrounds. More people waiting in line outside of parked buses changing drivers. More sunshine blaring at their backs as they gain speed down a long stretch between second and first, pedaling as if they're gonna try to ramp it into Queens.

She wins. Of course she wins.

"I lost," he says. "I'm Mike."

She's Katie. They chain up their bikes outside of an Irish Pub and drink five pints each in the backyard. Mike learns that Katie's brother has been dead for a year now. Katie finds out that Mike's divorce was an amicable one. Katie doesn't mention her boyfriend, Jeff. Instead, she mentions that she lives a block away.

"Race ya," says Mike.

Katie wins, primarily because Mike doesn't know her address so he kind of has to follow her. They don't kiss on the stairs because they have to carry their bikes up with them. Once inside, they wheel the bikes into the living room and let them clatter to the ground when they slap into each other and begin to kiss. Mike pulls Katie's tank top over her head before he even gets his tongue into her mouth. She's wearing a sports bra underneath, which when tugged up off her chest makes her bare breasts squish out at strange angles. Mike slides the plain of his tongue into the muck of sweat on her breasts. Katie's right hand crawls up the leg of Mike's shorts and chokes his cock in her fist. They fuck on Katie and Jeff's bed with Katie's bicycle shorts down only to her calves, her knees bent out and her ankles bound with the spandex. They fuck for only four minutes, just long enough to soak the sheets through to the mattress. Then Katie mentions her boyfriend, Jeff.

"He's in LA. He's a musician and he's working. I'm moving out there with him in September," she says.

Mike doesn't argue. "Can we still ride bikes?"

"I ride my bike all the time," Katie says. "All you have to do is find me, just like you did today."

To be continued...

Happy The Bicycle Game Day!