Thursday, April 01, 2004

Bang Goes The Drummer Day!

Jonny, your band's new drummer, blew his head off in his car last night. He was only your band's drummer for a week and a half and, all told, you only spent a total of seven hours in his presence (two practices, couple beers). Come to think of it, you don't remember Jonny's last name (Rich knows. Rich hired him).

What this means is you gotta hit the coffee shops this weekend and post some drummer wanted ads. You might have some copies left from the last time, but those ads might be cursed now that Jonny blew his head off. You know how hard it is to keep a drummer from quitting/dying and you don't need a cursed flyer's help thanks much.

Just make a new ad. Use the template that comes with the later versions of MS Word. And don't forget to check in with Rich to find out if he thinks you guys have to go to the funeral.

As a side note, Rich is very organized. But letting your bass player be your manager is asking for big trouble when the record execs come calling. Hire Boz Rondell. He made Buffalo Tom what they are today, and he's still living in town (works at the Video Venture).

Happy Bang Goes The Drummer Day!