Friday, April 02, 2004

Gas Pump Day!

Make a friend.

"1.89 a gallon. You believe that?"

"You said it."

Stare at the meters on your pumps.

"You wanna get together later?"

"You said it."

Order another pitcher.

"16 bucks for a pitcher of beer. Where do they get off?"

"You said it."

Sip from your beers.

"Wanna help me kill my wife? I'll split the insurance."

"You said it."

Sprinkle lyme into the shallow grave.

"70 bucks for a 20 pound bag of this stuff. Highway robbery."

"You said it."

Lean on your shovels.

"I'm moving to Tahiti when the money comes through. Wanna come along?"

"You said it."

Sip daiquiries inside your rented cabana.

"Twelve bucks and hour for a goddamn linen tent. Nice racket huh?"

"I feel like I could tell you anything."

Sip your daiquiries.

"Let's just live. Huh?"

"You said it."

Happy Gas Pump Day!