Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Scuba Divers In Wet Suits Day!

Ron is a scuba diver. So is Susan. They've seen each other underwater sometimes, but never on land.

Susan looks great in her wet suit. Her breasts look rounder than they should, as does her rear end. Ron looks strong in his wet suit. Like he could bend metal as if it were rubber.

Ron sees Susan swim past him one day and they wave to each other. Ron would like to ask Susan on a date, but he's learned in the past that when you date someone you met on a dive you're bound to be disappointed because when she takes off her wet suit her body's contours are less rounded.

Susan gets caught in some coral. Ron rescues Susan, severing her right leg at the knee when he jerks her free. Ron swims to the surface with Susan and her severed leg in his arms. Atop the boat, she is revived. At the hospital, the leg is reattached.

Ron is glad he thought twice about mixing love with diving. Getting hurt's too easy.

Happy Scuba Divers In Wet Suits Day!