Sunday, February 02, 2003

Kiss Her Goodbye Before She Boards Her First Of Three Connecting Buses Day!

Her father doesn't know where she's been all day and if he asks her when she gets home and she tells the truth and says, "Heaven," he'll still beat her senseless.

But that don't matter just this moment three paces outside your apartment building. Just three minutes before her bus arrives. Just a little nervous that she already missed it because you don't know how this bus runs since she never came all the way out this way before, but then again you've never missed this much school before.

Her cheeks are puffed up about to burst with all the smile she wants to shine upon your beautiful stupid head. She wants to guffaw at how dumb you look right now, trying to look down into her eyes and figure out why she's soft. You look like a fucking idiot.

Kiss her. Nothing but the truth in that kiss, like the signature to a love letter, end it honest but end it with a look in the eye. Give her your word and a squeeze to her torso that lets her know how much you wish she wasn't gonna go back home tonight.

When she gets on the bus you stay put stupid and wait for that bus to pull away. Even if it takes the majority of a day you stay right where you are and wait for her to smile out that scratchiti'd window with all the warmth of the entire afternoon packed tight into and radiating out of three sets of wrinkles along the bridge of her nose. Tomorrow you're gonna be a hundred and forty three and you're gonna remember that smile not like it was yesterday but because it was yesterday.

Happy Kiss Her Goodbye Before She Boards Her First Of Three Connecting Buses Day!