Sunday, February 09, 2003

Barge In Day!

What's behind that door? Lotta sobbing and shouts of, "Are you sure it's our baby daughter? Check again, she can't be dead!" Well barge right in with a "Heeey! Hoppa Hoppa Mau Mau!"

How 'bout that door? Just a buncha panting and boxspring creaking and shouts of, "Oh baby it can never hurt enough!" Well barge right in with a "Looooooooooooook at MEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Then when they look at you, lean in close and whisper, "Gummi Bears."

And let's not forget that last door. Hear anything? How bout with your ear pressed up close? Anything goin' on? That's strange. Well, better barge right in with a "Looopdilooopdilooopdi!" If there isn't anyone there, and there isn't, and if it's very dark at first and you feel you cannot catch your breath, don't worry. You'll soon realize your lungs aren't necessary behind that door because behind that door is all that might have been and as soon as you let it shut behind you you never were.

Happy Barge In Day!