Thursday, February 20, 2003

Bluebird Day!

Listen to the song of the Bluebird on your windowsill. Pretty shitty right? Give it a break though, it is just a bird. If you're gonna blame someone for that song, blame God. He wrote it.

Do you believe in an afterlife? If you do, that Bluebird might embody the spirit of someone close to you who died. Or someone close and dead to you could have sent the Bluebird to sing to you this morning in order to ward off any early morning dread. Just because someone died doesn't mean they know what cheers you up. And the dead can't really have a bottle of Wild Turkey delivered to your house, so pretend it's Christmas and you just unwrapped a box full of an ugly sweater that doesn't fit, given to you by someone who thinks this might be the last Christmas they'll ever see. That's right, go "oooh."

So just assume your dearly departed is watching you for as long as the Bluebird is singing on your windowsill. Just smile at it like an idiot. The happier you look, the sooner the dead will leave you alone. So paste a big grin on your face and say real stupid-like, "Hi Mr. Bluebird!" If you think you're gonna die of boredom, pass the time by remembering genitals you've seen over the years.

Happy Bluebird Day!