Sunday, February 23, 2003

Boyfriend In A Sweater-Vest Day!

Your boyfriend showed up in a sweater-vest you've never seen him wear before. It shows the shape of his belly.

You're only meeting for coffee before he heads out to meet a friend and you go and run some errands, both of you ending up in your separate apartments for the night. And he is wearing a button-up shirt and an undershirt underneath the sweater-vest.

So how do you convince him to have sex with you wearing only the sweater-vest? As soon as he walked through the door you decided that's the only thing that matters anymore, him entering you wearing only a sweater-vest. But how?

You first have to convince him to cancel his plans with his friend and take you to his place or your place. That's not too difficult. You rarely demand his body in an urgent kind of way and he's always more than accommodating when you do. But how do you tell him to remove his pants and socks, then remove his sweater-vest, remove his shirt and undershirt, then put his sweater-vest back on, then penetrate you without backing out of it with a giggle to make it seem like a joke?

You can't go half-assed with this. If you go all the way back to one of your apartments and surrender the evening to sex, abandoning your errands and his meeting, and you don't have the kind of sex you want to have, you're going to be pissed off at yourself for not being plaintive and he's going to notice it in your lack of desire and he'll wonder why you made him give up his evening for you in the first place. He'll accuse you of just being possessive and not at all the passionate person you sometimes pretend to be and you'll just fight until one of you gives up and heads home to sleep in your own bed alone, thank goodness.

You could, if you've talked to each other this way before, tell him right there in the coffee shop exactly what you want, ie: "I want you to fuck me in that sweater vest right now, but only in the sweater vest. I want to feel your bare shoulders stubbing out from the wool." He'll be fine with it, especially if you've talked to each other this way before. At the very least, he'll be flattered that you like his new sweater-vest. Even the most brazen consumer likes to have his purchases validated.

But if you tell him everything up front, you might blow your wad right there. Now he knows what's burning inside you, and maybe the desire being so odd and from nowhere and him not having a clue was fanning the flames a bit. Now you both have an entire commute home to think about you wanting to fuck a dude in a sweater-vest and what that means. He'll wonder if your ex used to wear sweater-vests. You'll remember all the sweater-vests your ex used to wear. By the time you get home, the last thing either of you will want to see is that fucking sweater-vest. But you'll still go through with it and you'll both be disappointed and you'll fight the way you were going to fight two paragraphs ago.

The best way to handle this is step-by-step. First get him in bed. Again, this isn't difficult. Remind him that in bed is where he gets to have intercourse with you and he'll remember that intercourse feels good and he'll say "no sweat." Now, just like normal, kiss and grope and peel off clothing, but try to keep him from penetrating you. Then once he's completely naked say, "Can you put your sweater-vest back on?" If he bothers to ask why, just say, "I like how it feels on my skin." But he won't bother to ask why because all males would prefer to have sex with some of their clothes still on. All of them.

Happy Boyfriend In A Sweater Vest Day!