Friday, October 25, 2002

Walk The Streets For As Long As It Takes For A Cab To Pull Up Beside You And Release A Passenger Who Stands In Front Of You For A Second To Look Into Your Face And Then Wrap A Pair Of Arms Around You And Take You To A Bedroom And Tuck You In For The Best Night's Sleep You've Had Since You Were A Baby Day!

Wear some layers because even though you can't feel anything anymore, you haven't been eating well lately and your body is ripe for catching a cold, especially with the drizzle that's brewing in those clouds up above. That coat sewn from white flags won't keep you warm enough on its own. The rain will be good for you though, I mean for the imagery. You need to walk with a bit of a hunch to your shoulders to make someone you haven't seen in five years shout "pull over!" from the backseat of a cab. And don't worry about offering any warnings against anybody getting mixed up with bad ideas like you. Tonight is about rescue. Tomorrow you can talk it all out over brunch, if you don't steal everything you can carry and climb out the window before sunrise. There's gonna be a really good brunch place nearby tomorrow so you should think about sticking around. Citysearch voted it "Best Sunday Morning Nosh!"