Saturday, October 12, 2002

Hysterical Blindness Is Still Hysterical Day!

Yeah, for you it's terrifying, to all of a sudden lose your vision while crossing streets or when you're in the middle of a big money hand of online blackjack. But the rest of us know your vision will come back as soon as you stop wishing you weren't gay anymore. If you don't wanna be gay anymore, you're gonna have to put in a little effort. Try drinking alcohol or paying someone to hold your head under a bathtub full of water until you're not gay anymore. Or at least marry someone of the opposite sex and have lots of children so you'll be financially obligated to live the life of a heterosexual until it starts to take. Your visual world will stop going blank as soon as you love yourself for who you're trying to be, not who you wish you could be but just can't seem to find the time to put in the necessary man-hours (pun way fucking intended) to make it happen.

Happy Hysterical Blindness Is Still Hysterical Day!

(editor's note: dear lord this is getting tiresome.)