Saturday, October 26, 2002

Catch The Afternoon On Super 8 Day!

When you're not lying in your futon farting around listening to CDs and occasionally saying hey to the people you really love who for some reason keep walking past your bedroom door even though they don't live there but for some reason they're all there to say hey and smile and then look for something to eat, you envision it. Whether you're in an office sitting at a strange person's desk or you're at a bar with the people you really love but whose company you're not enjoying, you'll let your mind wander back to your tiny little bedroom and you'll think, "wouldn't that rule?"

But then you run home to your apartment and you lie down on your futon and you immediately realize the lighting's all wrong, all your CDs suck, and the only other person in your apartment is your shitdick roommate who won't pay the fucking broadband bill. There's debris all over your futon and it's sticking to your legs and you're bored out of your mind and you begin to think all those romantic visions of how you'd like to waste your time will never come true.

You're right. But that doesn't mean you have to masturbate again. Why not take that romantic afternoon of life lived right and get it down on Super 8? The lighting's always right on Super 8, but you can manipulate it if you want to make it even better. And you can cast people to portray those friends you love, but with better smiles and less puzzling bosoms. Hell, cast someone to play you too. You're no "Attractive Person" yourself, ya know. And how 'bout we location scout for a better bedroom, yeah? Gimme your credit card.

It'll be a lot of hard work and aggravation, but when you're all done you'll be able to come home to that life that's getting it all wrong and just dim the lights and flick the switch on the projector and click clacking away on the wall before you will be the life you should be leading but for some reason nothing's ever pretty.

Happy Catch The Afternoon On Super 8 Day!