Friday, October 11, 2002

Prescription Ointment Day!

Everything about the term "Prescription Ointment" is cause for celebration. Even "Ointment" just on it's own makes people wanna go to a backyard party on a nice fall jacket evening. In honor of Prescription Ointment Day ya'll should hold off on that trial separation for the sake of your kids. Also, if for the past few months you've seen a hungry cat wandering around the neighborhood and it looks just like a cat in one of those Missing Cat posters and it even answers to the name on the poster ("Heeere Missing Cat!") then go ahead and call the number on the poster and tell that cat owner to stop wringing those hands, Mittens lives still! Do it for Prescription Ointment Day!

And don't forget to apply your prescription ointment to your hideously disfigured skin. Did you commit a crime against Jesus to earn such a beastly mark?