Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Ken Landerbee, Retired Food Services Administrator Day!

Ken Landerbee spent thirty three years as the Food Services Administrator for a larger-than-most arts and applied sciences college located in the midwest. The name of the college, presently, will be withheld as it is irrelevant.

Yesterday, Ken's wife, Amy Landerbee, was released from the psychiatric ward of the county hospital that she has called home for the twelve years since checking herself in for observation. The college's excellent health coverage paid the bill. Amy was not a textbook schizophrenic, but by the time she was admitted to the hospital her paranoia seemed to have permanently destroyed the woman Ken married. Ken had never felt such a rush of relief as when he was told he could no longer care for her and must turn her over to professionals. His past twelve years alone have been the happiest since the early years of his marriage to Amy.

Amy has been in their home for 28 hours as of this writing. She has neither spoken nor slept.

Happy Ken Landerbee, Retired Food Services Administrator Day!