Saturday, April 15, 2006

One Bad Apple Day!

You've run the most profitable apple cart in the city for forty years now. It's difficult holding off the competition. For example, today a rival apple cart operator is going to kidnap your wife and daughter and he won't return them unless you compromise your apple inventory with wormy apples.

"A worm in every eighth apple sold," the voice on the phone will say. "It has to look like your crop is compromised, but not sabotaged."

You've never sold a wormy apple in your life. And you thought you never would. But now these kidnappers are making you decide which you love more: your wife and daughter, or your integrity as a produce salesman. Even if you get your wife and daughter back, other rivals will strike next. It won't stop until your customer-base is obliterated. The best thing to do is to show them you can't be compromised. Find where the kidnappers are hiding out and when they show you your wife and daughter, kill them yourself. It's the only way to keep the worms at bay.

Happy One Bad Apple Day!