Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Found In The Ice Chest Day!

You intend to wait until you got to the Bed and Breakfast, but that storm they're predicting is going to make you and your girlfriend pull over at an old roadside motel for the night. You'll both be so charmed you'll decide that rickety old motel is the perfect place to ask her to marry you. But first you'll go get some ice for your soft drinks.

In the ice chest you'll find a bottle of champagne sporting a label you've never heard of. You'll pull it out of the chest to get a closer look. The bottle will be dated 1912.

"Put my champagne down," the terrifying motel operator who has a limp will say. "I'm saving that for when my wife returns."

You'll apologize and say that it looks like she's in for one heck of a good sip of bubbly.

Back in the motel room you'll propose and she'll say yes and you'll make love and then you'll hop into the bath. You'll be so blissed out you'll start to fall asleep a bit. You won't hear your new fianc� leave the room. You won't hear a thing until you hear the POP! of the bottle of champagne in her hands.

"Look what I found in the ice chest. It's like a sign!" she'll say.

The terrifying motel operator with a limp will come in and kill you both. Then he'll put both of your bodies in the ice chest, on top of his wife's body, who clearly isn't coming back at all because she's dead and in the ice chest. The terrifying motel operator with a limp must just be crazy if he's saving bottled beverages for a woman he knows is dead. And then he goes and kills a young couple in love for drinking some champagne that no one's ever going to drink? He overreacts.

Happy Found In The Ice Chest Day!