Thursday, April 27, 2006

Get Left For Dead Day!

Today is the day to get left to rot in your own sick by everyone who was supposed to give a damn. This one's not just about our brave troops fighting overseas. Today is also about the husband who shouts into the kitchen for his wife to make him a sandwich and she never shows. It's about the little kid waiting for her Dad to pick her up after school but is left to just stand there by the curb wondering what the fuck. It's about the garbageman who tosses a few bags into the back and when he slaps the side of the truck, nothing happens. He goes to the front and finds the doors ajar and his coworkers gone.

"Not even a goddamn note," the garbageman will think. "I'm such a giving fool."

It's about the guy who is approached by tourists to take their picture, and in the time it takes for him to look down at the camera and find the right button, the tourists take off, leaving him there to hold their camera. Forever.

"I'm standing here with my thumb up my ass!" the man with the camera will say.

It's about the 19 year old college kid on spring break who wakes up with a headache in his Caribbean resort cabana to find that his buddies and all the help have split and the island's government has been overthrown in a hideous coup. If he makes it home without being impaled on about nineteen bayonets, he's going to say to his buddies, "Dude you totally bailed on me."

But his buddies won't care. Neither will that little girl's Dad or that hungry husband's wife. Or the trashmen. Or the tourists. They all just left. Like it all meant nothing to them.

"I guess nothing is all there ever was," the husband, the little girl, the garbageman, the guy with the camera and that asshole with bleached tips and a Puka shell necklace on Spring Break will think. "I guess I've always been on my own. Any intimacy I've enjoyed has been an illusion. Time to live like everyone else. Time to start grabbing for what's mine."

Get out there and use somebody.

Happy Get Left For Dead Day!