Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Set Your Price Club Membership Card On Fire Day

Set Your Price Club Membership Card On Fire Day!

Whisper into the flames, "Today, I am wet. Born fresh and born free. I understand that there is a past I am purported to have lived. That past has no bearing on the man I am this evening, and henceforth. Every moment will be lived. Every word will be necessary. Every kiss given in love. Every hand offered in sincerest peace. Today I am entire."

Sit with your eyes closed and take in the smell of burning plastic until you feel it in your veins. As the crackling of the fire dies down, you'll hear everyone else in your support circle snickering.

"That was very brave of you," your sponsor will say. "I haven't been this moved since Michael Keaton's performance in Clean and Sober. Now if you're done overcoming your addiction to slashed prices, Marylin's ready to call her Dad and tell him she knows he raped her and that's why she started sniffing H."

Calmly and entirely, say to your sponsor and to the circle, "I am ready. Marilyn, the flames belong to you.

While Marilyn calls her Dad and screams, you should weep inwardly for the purchase points lost in that fire. Later tonight, scrabble in the ash to see if the card can be rescued. You never know.

Happy Set Your Price Club Membership Card On Fire Day!