Thursday, December 29, 2005

Get Your Mom Stoned Day

Get Your Mom Stoned Day!

You and your friend should get your Mom stoned. It'll rule. Especially because she has glaucoma.

Just sneak up on her in the kitchen, which won't be hard since she can barely see, and then start yelling about how it's about time she partied with you all. She'll say that she's been waiting for you to ask her, because she wants to see again, but she didn't want to horn in on your stash. Then get your friends to hold her arms while you cover her mouth with the lip of the bong and force her to inhale. When she does, hoot and holler.

Once she's stoned, all of you should veg out on the couch together and talk about how stoned you got your Mom. Say, to her, "Dude you're so stoned. I knew you loved to party." She'll say, "I think I'm starting to see again." That's when you should wiggle your fingers in front of her eyes and make spacey noises. She'll totally wig.

Happy Get Your Mom Stoned Day!