Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pull Your Son Into The Life Day

Pull Your Son Into The Life Day!

His mom is seeing a new guy, so he came running to you for a bed to sleep in. Back when you split his mom said she wouldn't let him come see you because she thought you were a bad influence.

"I'm not sending his life down the same toilet that took you under," she said.

You knew you weren't ready to raise him, but it made you furious that she could talk as if the way in which you earn your money made you some kind of child molester. Her "Good Influence" bullshit sure took a breather as soon as she found a drunk who could hold down a job that was willing to move in. So what if he throws her son up against the wall, least half the rent's paid.

Nothing would make you happier than for her to find out her good little boy is following in her Daddy's footsteps. He says he wants to learn how to live on his own. Go ahead. Pull your son into The Life.

"When I was your age I never thought, 'When I grow up I want to give people Henna Tattoos at corporate events and city-organized street fairs.' But I fell into it and it's provided me with the living that lets me hang onto this apartment and all these furnishings."

Your son will tell you that he wants to learn.

"You sure?" ask him. "My fingertips are brown and they're gonna stay that way forever."

Your son will repeat that he wants to learn.

"I can't see the world no more. It's all obscured in wild swirls. Everything's more ornate than it needs to be."

Your son will say that he needs this.

"Okay," tell him. "Settle in. First I'll show you how to dry off a sweaty hand without offending the customer."

For the first time, your son will look at you like he was looking at his Dad.

Happy Pull Your Son Into The Life Day!