Thursday, August 11, 2005

Supermarket Checkout Girl Day

Supermarket Checkout Girl Day!

Today, you're going to watch your favorite supermarket checkout girl get arrested for kidnapping. She'll be ringing up your items and chatting you up with the same jovial demeanor that she always has when two detectives in suits will walk up behind her and say, "Pamela Worth?"

She'll turn around and say, "Yes?"

One detective will hold up his badge for her to see. "Ma'am, you are under arrest for your role in the kidnapping of Mary Radano."

Mary Radano disappeared seven months ago and no one could talk about anything else for weeks. But it's been a while since anyone but the newspapers mentioned her name. She's been missing for so long it's too sad a story to gossip over.

The whole store will freeze in time when the detective says that name. Later, you'll remember that the moving checkout conveyor belts all froze as well. Everyone will stop and watch your favorite supermarket checkout girl get handcuffed. She'll look up at you while she's bent over her register, her eyes big with shame.

Ask her, "Is Mary Radano still alive?"

She won't tell you. But you'll find out when you get home and turn on the TV. Next week, you'll start bringing your cart to checkout number 9 where Collette, your second favorite checkout girl, is stationed. Collette is pleasant enough, but she has acne that can flare up from time to time and her face gets so raw it makes you look down into your wallet while you're waiting for her to double your coupons.

Happy Supermarket Checkout Girl Day!