Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wrestling In The Men's Room Day

Wrestling In The Men's Room Day!

The memo forbade it. It went company-wide and warned that any employee or employees engaged in any act of competitive, full-body-contact man-on-man sport within the men's room, or for that matter, the ladies' room, conference rooms, or designated break areas, will be dismissed immediately without recourse for appeal. The memo added that management has allowed that conference room G on floor 7, which was out-of-commission waiting to be outfitted with video-conferencing connections, will instead forego rewiring and will from here on in be the office's designated space for full-body-contact man-on-man sport.

The company is getting behind it. Jenkins' proposal comparing an in-house, full corporate dress wrestling division to the softball leagues so prevalent throughout the corporate sector really worked! Unfortunately, in a few minutes you're going to be wrongly accused of bilking from a client's holdings. You'll be banned from the offices until the investigation is completed. Oh well, there's always next season.

Happy Wrestling In The Men's Room Day!