Monday, July 18, 2005

Overturned Hyundai Day

Overturned Geo Day!

Today, in the middle of your rush hour freeway drive, you'll spy a collision in the opposing lane that will have left a Geo sitting on its roof and an apparently rented Ford Taurus with its nose ripped off. As you slow down to rubberneck, you'll spot a couple wrapped in blankets sitting on the cement freeway shoulder. They'll look like they're okay. Just shaken up. More importantly, one of them will look like an ex of yours.

Once you pull up almost beside them, you'll be certain that yes, it's your ex. Further, it's that ex you never quite got over, even though the two of you never had a chance. Regardless, the excitement of the chance encounter will cause you to roll down your window and shout your ex's name.

Your ex will look up to see you waving. But before your wave can be returned, paramedics will come between the two of you pushing a gurney supporting a body covered entirely by a dark gray blanket. Your ex will look away from you to watch the gurney pass. Use the opportunity to roll up your window and step on the gas to get the hell out of there. You can catch up later when you send your ex an email that reads, "Funny bumping into you today. Hope you weren't in the Geo. Anyway, I think about you sometimes."

Happy Overturned Geo Day!