Monday, July 25, 2005

He’s Not Related To You By Blood Day

He’s Not Related To You By Blood Day!

You were already in love with him when you found out he was one of the kids in your Dad’s other family. Thankfully, your Dad didn’t actually father him. Your Dad was cheating on your Mom before you were even born, and when his mistress started having his babies (three of them), he did his best to be a father to both households. It went okay until you were eleven and your Mom got wise. You haven’t seen your Dad since.

His mistress had some kids of her own already, before your Dad started up with her. Daniel is one of those (once again, no shared blood. You’ve been repeating that fact to yourself over and over again for three weeks now). Daniel’s four years older than you and he’s gorgeous and sweet and, terrifyingly, he loves your Dad. His Dad, he says. Daniel didn’t know who you were when the two of you met, and he’s the one who figured it out and told you about it.

Everyone’s been waiting, until today. Daniel’s been waiting to find out if he’ll ever see you again. Your Dad’s been waiting to find out if you’ll accept his invitation to dinner. And your Mom’s been waiting to find out why you’ve been acting so strange lately. Today you’re going to tell it all to her. You’re going to tell her that you love Daniel and that you’re going to reunite with your Dad.

You Mom will register your decision as a betrayal to her and will have a non-fatal heart attack by Midnight tonight. Everyone will go to her bedside. You, your Dad, Daniel. When she opens her eyes again, she’ll find out what the world looks like when it turns itself inside out.

Happy He’s Not Related To You By Blood Day!