Friday, July 15, 2005

Make A Sign That Reads "Fuck Off" Day

Make A Sign That Reads "Fuck Off" Day!

Head out near rush hour and stand on a street corner where there's lots of auto and foot traffic. Hold the sign in plain view for everyone to see. Many people will honk at you, either to defy your command and make it clear that they are paying you their mind, or to draw your attention to them in their cars so that they can give you the finger. You can ignore their honking, but that will only make them throw lit cigarettes at you.

Many of the pedestrians walking past will respond to your sign with a giggle, as if you were just another nut in the big city. Boys who are in the company of girls will make sure to say, "You fuck off." Boys who are in the company of boys will threaten you with violence. Some of these boys will follow through on their threats and punch you in the stomach. Then they'll ruin your sign underneath their sneakers.

When you're lying on the sidewalk, staring up at the blue sky, you'll watch a skywriter scrawl the words "YOU DESERVED THAT, FUCKFACE" across the heavens with the exhaust from his airplane.

Happy Make A Sign That Reads "Fuck Off" Day!