Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Get A Sunburn Day

Get A Sunburn Day!

Sunscreen is for the clean of conscience. You want to sit under the whitest hot rays you can find and let the sun slowly burn away at your layers of skin until it gets to the layer of tissue where you store your guilt over not having fought your ex-husband for custody of your kids because you were too busy trying to stay high. That layer won't flake and flutter away like your outer layers of skin. When guilt begins to burn it crisps rock solid and starts to stink a little. Rest assured, you will walk a little bit funny when you finally get up to go back to the halfway house. But the searing will feel like a forbidden itch is being scratched and you won't be able to resist. It will hurt like hell for the next ten days and you'll be ugly with sun poisoning. But with every rush of pain you'll be reminded that you struck back at yourself. That pain you'll feel, that pain was your doing, not some judge. If you ever see your babies again you might tell them about today. "I started taking control that day," you'll say to them.

Happy Get A Sunburn Day!