Friday, June 13, 2003

Map The Butterfly Genome Day!

Because everyone who ever took AP Biology in high school is mapping the human genome. Why not forge your own path?

Sure, mapping the butterfly genome is far from the glamour and 'tang you'll get by mapping the human genome. It's not going to land you on the front page of the Times. But butterflies are far prettier than humans, and so their genomes are probably prettier too. And if you have to map something, wouldn't you rather map something that's pretty than something that's not? I bet Ayn Rand and Seamus McNally had a lot more fun mapping Honolulu than they did mapping Dayton.

And with everyone busy mapping the human genome, they're going to be arguing for years over who gets the credit and they'll probably start stealing each other's girlfriends. And all the while you'll be quietly mapping your way to butterfly-genome-mapping history. And when humanity or kittens are threatened with a horrible virus and the President needs someone who knows all about the terrain of the butterfly genome to come up with a vaccine made of something to do with butterflies, you'll be able to say "What's in it for me Mr. President?"

If there is no such thing as a butterfly genome, don't try to map one. Instead, eat less and exercise more.

Happy Map The Butterfly Genome Day!