Monday, June 16, 2003

Cool Dads Beat Up Gay Dads Day!

If you're a dweeby little dorky gay Dad and you're walking your kid to school, stay away from the cool Dads who are standing by the edge of the lawn smoking and talking about chicks (wives). Because if they see you, they'll beat you up right in front of your son. So not only will you be humiliated in front of your son, but now that you're all older men, a fight can lead to death. Not because you might die of a heart attack, but grown Dads don't always cry and run away the way you did when you got into your first fight, when both parties would be like "Holy shit I'm really in a fistfight! Ow fuck!"

So, you could die if you don't stay away from the cool Dads. And then your son will forgo college to avenge you and that'll just break his mother's heart.

Happy Cool Dads Beat Up Gay Dads Day!