Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The Frat House Got A Porch Swing Day!

Theta Chi! Gently sway on the front porch whilst enjoying a nice lemonade as the late spring sun sets, or die!

Just kidding, the house slogan is the same. But they did get a new porch swing. The house treasurer found a surplus of 700 dollars in the structural improvements budget and he brought it up at every Sunday meeting for about five weeks, trying to get the brothers to take a vote on how it should be spent. The only item anyone suggested they buy was a new home theater, but the Phillips system they already had cost two grand, so there was no point in trying to replace it with something cheaper. After everyone got bored with addressing the topic every week, the Vice President of the chapter finally just invited the treasurer to find something to spend it on himself and consider it approved.

The treasurer, Pete, saw the porch swing on display at Home Depot and was flooded with memories of the porch swing he shared with his mother and sister for a few minutes every evening until he turned fifteen. When his parents split up, they sold the house and he had to go and live with his Dad.

The porch swing was just delivered to the house. Pete hasn't sat on it yet. He has been standing on the porch, though, to get his brothers' reactions as they come in and out. Some of them look at the swing and Pete strangely, but most just shrug and pass it by. Soon, Pete thinks, they'll be unable to remember a time when they lived in the house without it.

Happy The Frat House Got A Porch Swing Day!