Saturday, June 14, 2003

Do Your Favorite Dances Day!

Do the side - to - side and the up - down - up - down and the three - steps - forward - then - think - it - through - for - a - minute - then - take - two - more - steps - forward - and - wait. You've been practicing them in your room for hours every single night after your father goes to bed, and you've been really quiet because your father forbids dancing (he's Jewish). Well today's the day to go to The Black Cat or The Black Dog and dance with all the attractive boys and the sluts. Show them that you're the best dancer in the house with the way you wiggle and stomp when you do the Crepe-Paper Sashay and the Dry-Clean Only and the Cunt Of Hate. Everyone will get in a circle and clap and you'll have to choose between the girl with the honest heart or the girl who's addicted to drugs and loves only lord god money.

Happy Do Your Favorite Dances Day!