Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You Give People Boners Marsha Day!

Today your boss is going to fire you, Marsha, because you give people boners.

“I’ve got one right now,” he’ll say.

“Ew,” tell him.

“Your fault.”

Ask him if he’s aware of just how fast you’re going to sue him for inappropriate conduct and unjustified dismissal.

“Give it a shot,” he’ll say. “And when the judge takes one look at you and gets a boner I’m sure he’ll see my side. Man, mine’s dripping now.”

“Some judges are women,” tell him.

“You give women boners too. Give a listen.” He’ll push the intercom for his secretary.

“Yes sir?” his secretary will ask.

“Got a boner?”

“I’m sitting on a towel.”

He’ll take his hand off the intercom button.

“Well how am I supposed to make a living?”

“You could probably be used in the war. Go look into that, Marsha. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to get going so we can all finally get up from our desks again.”

Get the hell out of there, Marsha, and go down to the Man’s office to see about a space for you in the war effort.

Happy You Give People Boners Marsha Day!