Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It’s Just A Herpes Commercial Day!

That’s what you’re trying to tell yourself as you unleash a torrent of violent sobs. All the mountain-biking couple did was stop in their mountain-bike trip to tell a camera that even though one of them has herpes (the guy – he doesn’t say so but it’s fucking obvious), they’re not going to break up. Instead, they’re both taking medicine to keep the girl from catching the guy’s herpes. They don’t even kiss or hug or anything in the commercial. They just talk about medicine, and then they get back on their bikes. Nonetheless, you can’t watch it without bursting into tears. And you don’t even have herpes. You had crabs once, sure, and you caught it when you cheated on your fiancé and then infected her, sure. She called off the engagement because of it, yes, and this all took place while you were on vacation with her family for two weeks in Europe, sure. It would have been nice if there was a medicine that could have kept you two together is all you’re thinking. If anything, you’re crying for the state of medical research in this country. Let it out.

Happy It’s Just A Herpes Commercial Day!