Monday, August 20, 2007

Brother Vs. Sister Naked Jello Wrestling Day!

Your Dad’s in prison and your mom’s nowhere to be found. You and your brother need to raise money to get him a good lawyer but you don’t know how.

“I know,” you’ll say. “What about if we hold brother vs. sister naked Jello wrestling matches and we charge people admission?”

Your brother won’t even know how to respond. He’ll consider running away right then and there and never coming back, he’ll be so horrified. He’ll feel like his whole world is crashing in around him, just from having listened to that suggestion.

“I don’t mean you and me,” you’ll say, acknowledging the misery on his face with a light chuckle. “I mean we get another boy who isn’t related to me to wrestle me, and we just say that he’s my brother. We could do just boy vs. girl, sure. But Brother Vs. Sister would really get people’s attention. We’ll clean up!”

“You just have a boy you want to wrestle naked with don’t you?” your brother will say.

You’ll blush. “His name is Kenny. He’s such a dream!”

“Can’t you think about Dad?” your brother will ask.

“Dad would want me to go on living my life,” you’ll say. Then you’ll send Kenny an email pitching the idea to him. He won’t respond ever and your Dad will rot in prison.

Happy Brother Vs. Sister Naked Jello Wrestling Day!