Thursday, June 13, 2002

Let's Get You Out Of These Wet Clothes Day!

Tough luck catchin' a flat in this weather. AAA says they're so backed up tonight they won't get a tow out here for at least another couple hours. But it just so happens that tonight was the night I cleaned out my freezer and so I went and cooked way too much braised lamb and basil potatoes for one person. Join me?

Oops, there go the lights. Happens like clockwork during the rainy months. Looks like we'll be dining by candlelight.

Where are my manners? You must be freezing! Here, let's get you out of these wet clothes. I have a terrycloth bathrobe that might fit. It belonged to my ex. Here, I'll turn my back and let you change.

Hm? No, sadly, not a divorce. A tragic accident. I'd have given everything to have been divorced if it meant his/her life would've been spared.

There I go again. I just...My goodness. It fits you perfectly. And, if I may be forward, until you stepped into that candlelight I had no idea just how green your eyes are. They shimmer.

Make yourself comfortable. I'll get the wine.

(Happy Let's Get You Out Of These Wet Clothes Day...Playa!)