Thursday, June 06, 2002

Conduct Yourself As You Would In The Fantasy Of Someone You Hope Is Fantasizing About You Day!

Does that make any sense? Lemme break it down.

You dig somebody. You hope he or she digs you back. You want him or her to be laying around the apartment thinking about you, wondering what you're doing, fantasizing about what you might be doing. Do that.

So basically, today you're going to fantasize about his or her fantasy about you, and you're going to act that out. This is about lurking inside the darker corners of that special someone's head and guessing where you might bunk down. It'll be a great way to kill some time.

But let's not be lazy about it. I don't wanna hear, "Gee, I bet Betsy's imagining me jerking off to ass porn right now." If you do this right, you get to spend a lot of time thinking about that hot little number you can't stop thinking about anyway, and what you end up doing will feel like it matters all that much more because you'll be imagining that someone is daydreaming about you doing that very thing while you do it.

I'll get us started by example. When I go home I am going to stand naked in front of an air conditioner to dry my freshly showered body and when I am not sipping from a beer bottle I will hold it to my right nipple and occasionally wet my finger with the condensation on the glass and smear a moist circle just below my belly button. The half-smile I wear will be a window into my naughty little mind.

I'd like to remind anyone posting a comment today that this is a family blog. Let the games begin.