Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Join A Community Crime Watch Program In An Effort To Make Friends Day!

What have you got to lose? If you go to their weekly meeting at least you can say you only spend six nights a week alone in your apartment reading. Just join in the festivities. When someone at the meeting (if a man, he will have a beard; if a woman, she will wear a tight-fitting black turtle-neck to reveal breasts of a decidedly aggressive shape and lift) shouts with indignation "Let's show those bastards whose neighborhood this is!", make sure that when you shout "Yeah!" you gesture with your upper body broadly enough that people might notice you, but not so that they can tell you've felt so very alone for as long as you can remember. At the end of the meeting, reach out to others with questions like "What kind of batteries should I buy for my flashlight" or "You ever see any shit go down, man?" At the end of the third meeting, after the announcements about privately run self-defense classses and requests for increased coffee and donut donations, when everyone's getting into their coats, just shout out "Hey, anyone up for getting a beer?" If people say, "Maybe next time," then it's cool. Come back next week. If no one responds, as if they're pretending you didn't even speak, that'll let you know that you blew it again. They don't like you. And it's safe to assume that they're going out for a beer together and will go so far to exclude you as to walk off in separate directions and then double back to meet at McKannon's once enough time has passed to ensure that you've already gone home to your apartment. It's all part of the fun on Join A Community Crime Watch Program In An Effort To Make Friends Day!