Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Don't Look To Drugs For The Answers Day!

Why the heck do you think they created alcohol? It's legal, it's affordable, and it can even cheer you up for a little while before the sobbing jag hits. Alcohol will always be there for you. Look at how drugs can go in and out of style. One year, everyone's doing heroin like it's a vaccine for impotence. The next year, kids are giggling at the track marks on the dorky girl in the back of the class ("she so doesn't get it!"). And remember when cocaine was cool? Neither do I.

But alcohol is always cool. Celebrities are constantly drinking themselves in and out of marriages. It's all over the Styles section. And if you drink a little alcohol, not only can you still perform sexually but the person you have sex with can seem remotely attractive. Let's see crack try that!

Just remember, if you drink enough alcohol you could die. Happy Don't Look To Drugs For The Answers Day!