Thursday, May 30, 2002

You Don't Know Me Day!

You think you know me? You don't know a damn thing about me. Sitting up here on the couch you married and you think you know me? Think you can talk to me? Yeah, I ain't left yet. My choice.

You think you can talk to a man/woman you had your arms around for fifteen minutes fifteen years ago. You tell the one with the bullhorn, "Give me a few minutes with him/her." And the police clear a path for the fella/lady who can reach me. You damn right we grew in different directions. I grew out into the world and you grew six feet underground.

Yeah, I ain't left yet. Don't get a swelled head. Why let those fucks get a good night's sleep? If they wanna blow me away so bad might as well make 'em wait for it. They get to earn overtime and I get a few more minutes to tell you you can go fuck yourself. Everybody wins.

You look old. A lot older than I thought you'd look when I got into town. You got fat too. Livin' for money'll do that to ya'. I said, "Livin' for money'll do that to ya'." Make ya' fat.

Hmm? Livin' for love? Hmm.

Won't make ya' fat. Just crazy. Crazy enough to go back to where you know you ain't gonna get out alive. I took a lotta risks in my life and weighed 'em against the reward. This here is the first time the risk was certain death. And the reward's the biggest payoff I ever dreamed.

Hmm? Hmm.

I done seen you too many times in my life. Sometimes you didn't know I was there. I seen you look my way and then I seen you walk away and it messed me up every time worse than the last. Knocked me outta the game for a year at a time.

Now I get my payoff. I'm lookin' at you and you're lookin' and thinkin' about nobody else but me and I'm gonna die that way. So no one walks away from nobody. I'm gonna die with you.

Get in the corner, outta the way. Tell me something pretty. I'm gonna open the door and let 'em shoot me in the back. Just don't take your eyes off me for one goddamn second.

You knew it would happen this way, didn't ya? Back in Tulsa? You always did know me.

Because today's You Don't Know Me Day!