Thursday, May 16, 2002

Write Something In Blood Day!

Because sometimes that "Drummer Wanted" sign just needs that little extra oomf to get your point across. No one's telling you what you should write or with whose blood or how the blood should be drawn even. No one can tell you what to do unless he or she is ready to pay, right? It all comes down to context. Whether you're scrawling "Pig" above somebody's headboard or you need to send a memo to tell everyone: "Budget Mtg. Moved To Conf. Rm. C," the blood you should use will make itself known to you as it will be most apropos to the situation at hand. Note to Barnard students: You're gonna need that menstrual flow when you start making signs for the "Take Back The Night" march. Don't waste it on those "don't touch" post-its you stick to your food in the dorm mini-fridge. Happy Write Something In Blood Day!