Monday, March 05, 2012

Your Dog Is Telling The Big New York Strangler To Strangle People Day!

Everyone in New York City is scared of the Big New York Strangler. He’s been writing to newspapers telling them it’s not his fault, that a dog has been telling him to do it. Since the police can’t find the strangler, the police have decided to start tracking down the dog to tell him to stop it with the telling the guy to strangle people stuff.

When you heard that a dog was involved, you immediately suspected your Yorkie.

“You think it’s me, right?” your Yorkie says when it spots you staring at it. Tell it no, you would never suspect it.

“It’s okay. I’m very convincing.”

Ask it if it would ever do something like that.

“I can’t say that your race couldn’t do with a little weeding out,” your Yorkie will say. “But no. I haven’t told anyone to murder anybody in years.”

Hug your Yorkie and say you never suspected it.

“But I have been telling one gentleman to avenge the humiliations his mother delivered upon him by making his neighbors feel the punishment. What he did with that suggestion, I can’t guess.”

Your Yorkie will look you in the eye.

“After all,” it will say. “I’m just a dog.”

You’ll swear you saw it smile when it said that.

“Tell the police and you’re next.”

Your Yorkie will get up off its wee-wee pad and hop on the ottoman, where it totally doesn’t belong. But what are you going to do? What options do you have?

Happy Your Dog Is Telling The Big New York Strangler To Strangle People Day!