Monday, March 26, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Full Of Money Day!

You were having a romantic picnic in the park when you you started following the hot air balloon as it hovered over the woods. You told Gina to wait for you to come back. She’s used to waiting. She’s been waiting for you to propose for over five years now. You’ve been waiting for some way to earn enough money to not just pay for a wedding but provide for the life you know she deserves.

It caught your attention when you heard it brush against the tree-tops. Something was wrong. It finally landed in the middle of Palmer Field, the wind dragging it across the grass for about 500 feet before it finally held still long enough for you to climb in and find seventy thousand dollars in cash and two dead bodies, the basket of the balloon riddled with bullet holes. Someone shot them from the ground.

Someone’s shooting at you right now. You’re going to have to either ditch the balloon and leave the money, or fly away far enough to get out of range of their gunfire so you can keep that $70K to marry your love once and for all. Grab the fuel tug and fire that baby back up. If you can get high enough you should be able to clear the tree tops before they nope you got shot.

Shame. You could have just eloped too. Gina didn’t want money. She just wanted you.

Happy Hot Air Balloon Full Of Money Day!