Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flasher Day!

Today you’re going to flash your ex-wife. You won’t realize it’s her at first. You’ll just see a silhouette you like and you’ll run up and open yourself up to show her the fun.

“Karen?” you’ll say as her mouth hangs open, staring at that which she’s seen so many times before.

You’ll get lunch. She’ll tell you that she’s remarried, to an art history professor, and she’s very happy. They’re planning to adopt.

You’ll tell her how flashing’s been going, about the arrests, the beatings, the cold drafts.

You’ll laugh and you’ll share and when you finally say goodbye you’ll be shocked at how painful it was when she said goodbye the last time, and how joyful it was to meet her all over again. You’ll exchange numbers and say you’ll call and even though neither of you will (she’s got a big trip to Milan planned and you’ve got the Susan G Komen For The Cure Walk to flash), the gesture is enough. At your age, with the history you two have, a gesture can communicate volumes.

Happy Flasher Day!