Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ghostess Day!

You’re the new hostess at Applebee’s and you’re really excited to be working again after the baby. Training is about over but the manager has one last thing to tell you.

“This hostess podium is haunted by a ghostess.”

“A ghostess?”

“Ghost of a hostess,” he’ll say. “It’s not that hard to figure out.”

Apparently many years ago, back when this place was a Fuddruckers, a hostess fell in love with one of her married customers. They would make love by the dumpsters and after lots of pressure he finally agreed to break it off with his wife so they could marry.

“He told her he would go and tell his wife, then pick her up at the end of her shift and propose. But he never showed. The wife shot him.”

The hostess wouldn’t believe he was dead. And she refused to quit or move to any other position but hostess. She was determined to remain at her podium until her man came to claim her like he said he would.

“She died while seating a six-top. And ever since her spirit has lingered around this podium, waiting for her man to return, waiting ever after as the Old Spinster Ghostess Of Applebees.”

You’ll chuckle nervously at the story because you don’t believe in that ghost stuff. Then your very first table for two will arrive and you’ll be embarrassed because just then the Ghostess will cause the menus to start bleeding.

Happy Ghostess Day!