Friday, August 23, 2002

Smiles Are Contageous. Get Tested. Day!

I hate today as much as you. It's just a dumb joke that means nothing. Today is basically the bumper sticker stuck to the back of the stupider Gods' cars. It's a tee shirt one of the Gods bought at a boardwalk and that he still wears to parties and to other boardwalks. A lot of the Gods actually are really embarrassed by today but when they were brainstorming all of the holidays, word got out to the dumber Gods and they showed up to the bar where everything was going down and they kept shouting out shit like, "How bout 'Eat Pussy Day!'"? Then they'd high five each other. Eventually, the Gods realized they had to throw the asshole Gods a bone and include a few of their holidays so they wouldn't hurt their feelings (even though the shitlicker Gods are sort of annoying, they're still cool to go out drinking with so no one's really going to cut them off). There'll be a few of these. Whatever.

Anyway, happy uh Smiles Are Contageous. Get Tested. Day! (jesus.)